Director- Walnut Healthcare Pvt. Ltd
Director- Apollo Logisolutions Limited
Director- Mumbai Movie Studios Pvt. Limited
Group CFO- Apollo International Limited

A Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary by qualification, Mr. Rakesh Gupta is an enthusiastic and creative head. You can only provide for the people by knowing what they need. Thus, Mr. Gupta conducts extensive studies to identify various needs and desires and incorporates the same into the business.

He has accumulated vast experience in the industry over the years and he’s a man who wears many hats. He has gained tremendous knowledge and expertise in the fields of Management, Finance, Laws, Project Management and Investments. At Walnut Healthcare Pvt. Ltd, his contributions include providing strategic inputs and recommendations to the executive management team, guides the processes for financial forecasting, oversees the sales & marketing and business promotion policies and strategies and advising on long- term business & amp; financial goals and planning and establishing and  developing relations with various stakeholders. Mr. Gupta has a passion for wellness and believes that prevention has to be the way of life going forward. He has been emphasizing the need for balancing and fulfillment of various requirements of the body. Thus, he curates and worked on best-in-class natural
alternative solutions with the help of experts that can help in preventing and curing diseases. He invests his time and passion in research for developing the best possible combination of natural ingredients and their properties that can be incorporated in various supplements.

Mr Gupta has been spearheading various ventures of Apollo International Limited and entering new seas with his sturdy vision for a better tomorrow and his invaluable contribution, strategic and well-crafted approach for enhancing and growing the business.


Chief Business Acquisory & Strategic Initiatives,
Chief HR Officer, Chief of Staff to the Chairman at Apollo Green Energy Limited
(formerly known as Apollo International Limited)
Director at Walnut Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., ( Brand - Nutra On)

In his pivotal role as Chief of Business Acquisition & Strategic Initiatives at (Apollo Green Energy Limited (formerly Apollo International Limited), Mr.Kunal Banerji spearheads strategic expansion and operational excellence. With a distinct vision for growth and keen eye for detail, Mr. Kunal's leadership plays a pivotal role in steering Apollo Green Energy journey toward new horizons. Under his guidance, Apollo Green Energy has undergone a significant evolution, characterized by initiatives aimed at optimizing efficiency, fostering cross-functional harmony, and driving sustainable growth. Mr. Kunal adeptness in identifying opportunities and translating them into impactful
business ideas has led to impressive market expansion and operational enhancements.

His contributions resonate deeply in positioning Apollo Green Energy as a robust and competitive player in the industry. Mr. Kunal contribution extends beyond Apollo Green Energy, encompassing his dual roles as Chief HR Officer and Chief of Staff to the Chairman. Furthermore, in his role as Director, Walnut Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., he owns the P&L of the business, providing strong leadership to the team and creating great customer experience for Brand Nutra On which creates and markets a range of healthcare supplements.

An Honors degree in Psychology with an MBA in Marketing & Human Resources from IMT - Ghaziabad, accentuates Mr. Kunal’s comprehensive education that further complements his business acumen. Beyond the professional realm, Mr. Kunal’s diverse interests mirror his commitment to growth and exploration.

He finds solace in reading, music, photography, and culinary adventures, embodying an overall approach to continuous learning and innovation. Mr.Kunal Banerji's impactful journey is defined by his unwavering dedication to orchestrating strategic growth, nurturing authentic brands, and inspiring a culture of excellence.

His achievements stand as a testament to his forward-thinking leadership and his ability to drive positive change in the dynamic landscape of business and beyond