Director- Walnut Healthcare Pvt. Ltd
Director – Apollo Logisolutions Limited
Director- Mumbai Movie Studios Pvt. Limited
Group CFO- Apollo International Limited

Mr. Rakesh Gupta is well-known for the dynamic nature of his thoughts and actions. He possesses the esteem ability to empower others, which is the main source of motivation for his team. A Chartered Accountant and Company Secretary by qualification, At Walnut Healthcare Pvt. Ltd, he has been pivotal in his contributions to the team, which include providing strategic inputs and recommendations to the executive management team, guiding the processes for financial forecasting, overseeing sales & marketing and business promotion policies and strategies, while advising on long-term business & financial goals, planning, establishing and developing relations with various stakeholders. 

Mr. Gupta believes in the healing aura of nature which is why he invests his time and passion in research for developing the best possible combination of natural ingredients and their properties that can be incorporated in various supplements. He is also an open advocate of the fact that prevention has to be the way of life going forward, which requires a balance and fulfillment of various requirements of the body. 

His invaluable contribution, coupled with his vision for a better tomorrow, he has spearheaded various ventures at Apollo International Limited.


Kunal Banerji
Director, Walnut Healthcare Pvt. Ltd.

CHRO, Apollo International Limited
Chief of HR & Chief of Staff to the Chairman

A devoted fitness enthusiast, Mr. Kunal Banerji is known for his extraordinary interpersonal, communication and motivational skills. He leads by example and practices what he preaches. A charismatic and inspiring leader, he leverages the power of team spirit to achieve goals. He has been regularly quoted in national dailies as a subject matter expert in human resources and health. An avid sports enthusiast, he plays squash, badminton and golf. He is also a trained shooter but his heart is in racquet games and has played them at the state level. A voracious reader, a music lover, a passionate cook, he likes to explore new places, meeting new people and studying new cultures and cuisines. 

Honors graduate in Psychology, Kunal also holds an MBA degree in Marketing and Human Resources from IMT – Ghaziabad. At Apollo International Limited, he is the Chief Human Resource Officer and the Chief of Staff to the Chairman. He has also been an entrepreneur for a significant period of time owing to his keen understanding of business.

At Walnut Healthcare Pvt. Ltd, Kunal has been a part of the team which helped the founders, who are firm believers in the power of nature for wellness and health, conceive the business idea. Along with the team, he contributed to creating the brand, the product range and manages day-to-day operations with strategic and key inputs from other members.